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Chakra Yoga

 Your 7 Steps to Health, Happiness and Freedom!

Wild Yoga

Taking you out of the studio and into the wild!

Holistic Treatments

Bespoke treatments for body and soul

Yoga Books and eBooks

Guiding you through a full body overhaul!

Audio Downloads

Relax your mind and body with Yoga Nidra, deep sleep meditation

YOCD Yoga Therapy

Yoga for OCD, Body Dysmorphia and Anxiety

Sport Yoga

Yoga to assist sporting performance and recovery


Jojoba Yoga is a yoga and wellbeing practice based in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate, Yorkshire UK. Jojoba Yoga was founded by Jo Cowper in 2010 to pass on the health benefits of yoga and meditation. Jo is a yoga specialist, movement expert and wellbeing coach. She helps people feel comfortable, confident and happy in their bodies. Through yoga tuition, wellbeing coaching, consulting & bespoke treatments, she helps people access the healing power of yoga & holistic therapy to improve their lives.


Yoga & Wellbeing Services

Jo specialises in Chakra Yoga, Sport Yoga & Yoga Therapy to provide a full inner and outer ‘overhaul’. Her style of yoga teaching can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities to help optimise health and wellness. Jojoba Yoga also offers a range of wellbeing treatments and services to ensure you are fully looked after. Jo aims to provide a practical and beneficial yoga and wellbeing service for optimum health, in body, mind and spirit.

Virtual Yoga

Jo has a YouTube Channel featuring poses and practices included in the beginners Yoga sessions. These provide an overview of the style of yoga she teaches and are available as a free introduction to Yoga. Jo has also designed and written yoga books to accompany her teaching methodology. These are practical guides to help your yoga practice and deepen your understanding of yoga and the chakras. Each book relates to a different part of the body and includes yoga and mindfulness practices for these areas. They are designed to inspire, encourage and support a home practice, which is key to her methodology. The books and ebooks are available from the website HERE and books can be purchased on Amazon HERE.



Jo’s primary focus is the healing power of yoga. Her healing methodology and unique approach to yoga has appeared in national and international articles and publications. These include the BDD Foundation, Australian Yoga Journal, Kindred Spirit and Yoga Magazine.

Through the books, classes, online teaching, treatments and workshops, we hope to provide you with practical ways to access the expertise  you need to help improve your health, your wellbeing and your life!


We look forward to hearing from you!