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Yoga Classes

Jojoba Yoga is a unique yoga experience! At our beautiful studio in Ripon, we run chakra yoga, sport yoga, family and kids yoga and yoga nidra meditation classes. We also offer private yoga sessions to advance your yoga practice or simply to enhance your yoga journey!

We specialise in chakra yoga, and offer specialist chakra yoga classes along with inspiring books, audio downloads, and exclusive aromatherapy oils to stimulate your mind, body, and senses, and optimise your health and wellbeing!

Yoga Books

Our specially designed and written chakra yoga books have been individually created to accompany our classes. They are practical guides to help your yoga practice and deepen your understanding of yoga and the chakras. The books are short and sweet! They are uplifting visual guides, a riot of colour and image, and include practical yoga instruction, breathwork, relaxation and meditation techniques. The books are designed to inspire and encourage your practice away from the studio.

About Chakra Yoga

Yoga is more than a physical practice! Yoga was originally created to improve mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Our unique chakra yoga system works with our vital energy centres called ‘chakras’. The chakras are circles of energy, colour and light. The 7 main chakras run through the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head in a rainbow of colour. Each chakra links to a different area of the body such as the lower back, hips and shoulders. Yoga poses can release tension in these areas and improve physical health. chakra yoga also helps improve mental and emotional wellbeing. We work with yoga poses, meditation, aromatherapy and the senses to achieve optimum results.

Try it out for yourself! Browse the website and book yourself a class in our beautiful studio in Ripon. Treat yourself to our free chakra yoga eBook download. and sample our unique, luxury blended aromatherapy oils. Stimulate your mind, body and senses and enjoy the experience!


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