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Jo’s primary focus is the healing power of the body via Chakra Yoga. Her healing methodology and unique approach to yoga has appeared in national and international articles and publications. These include the BDD Foundation, Australian Yoga Journal, Kindred Spirit and Yoga Magazine.


With many changes rapidly occurring due to Coronavirus, I am providing free Chakra Yoga resources for those who want to continue, or even begin, a regular home practice. The links below are all free of charge. Stay safe, stay healthy!



  • FREE CHAKRA YOGA PRACTICE SHEET – can be adapted for any timescale and for all levels – the poses included are all available to follow on the youtube channel – FREE PRACTICE SHEET


  • FREE CHAKRA YOGA E-BOOK – to accompany the video instruction and provide a visual journey through the Chakra colours and poses.  – FREE BOOK


  • FREE RELAXATION AUDIO – Shavasana relaxation light and heat visualisation  – FREE AUDIO