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Welcome to Jojoba Yoga!


Jo is a yoga specialist, movement expert and wellbeing coach. She finds solutions to problems people are experiencing physically, mentally and emotionally and creates individual programmes based on her knowledge and expertise in yoga, holistic therapy, health and wellbeing.

Jo founded Jojoba Yoga & Holistic Therapy in 2010 to pass on her knowledge of yoga and its healing methodology. Jojoba Yoga specialises in a unique 7 Step Chakra Yoga method, combining Jo’s knowledge and experience of Hatha Yoga, Sport Yoga & Yoga Therapy. She now offers specialist Yoga & Wellbeing Coaching & Consultacy services. Jo has created YOCD Yoga Therapy for OCD & Anxiety Disorders, and the 7 Step Chakra Yoga Method with inspiring books and audio downloads, to help optimise health and wellbeing.



Jo’s primary focus is the healing power of yoga. Jo trained in Yoga Therapy with Kyczy Hawk, and is a qualified Yoga Therapist & Coach. She has worked with clients of all ages. Her sessions help those suffering from stress & anxiety related disorders, trauma and addictive behaviours. They aim to assist clients in a safe & effective way, promoting health, healing and mental & emotional wellbeing. 


Jo’s Chakra Yoga

Jo’s 7 Step Chakra Yoga Method combines her knowledge and 25+ years experience of Hatha Yoga, Sport Yoga & Yoga Therapy into a unique, tried and tested method which works the whole body, releasing inner blocks to bring about greater health and healing. Chakra yoga also helps improve mental and emotional wellbeing through yoga poses, meditation, aromatherapy and the senses to achieve optimum results. 


Yoga Books

Jo has also designed and written a series of 8 chakra yoga books to accompany her teaching methodology. These are practical guides to help your yoga practice and deepen your understanding of yoga and the chakras. The books are uplifting visual guides, full of colour and image, and include practical yoga instruction, breathwork, relaxation and meditation techniques. They are designed to inspire, encourage , and support a home practice, which is key to her methodology. The books are available to download from the website and can be purchased on Amazon.


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