I recently made a BIG change to my teaching, based on my own experience of “Yogi Burn Out”! There is a tendency in every passionate business owner to overdo it, to take on more & more, to feel that they want to provide everything ‘and then some’ for their clients. It’s natural, but impossible! As many business owners / entrepreneurs have, I took this on board and suffered the consequences.

Don’t get me wrong, I love yoga and I do it daily, but this doesn’t mean I have to be teaching and doing yoga 24/7! 7 hours teaching in a day is not sustainable – even with our yogi superpowers!! Remembering that self-care is part of yoga is crucial to teachers as well as students, and by taking a step back and offering longer workshop sessions in place of weekly lessons, as well as online support, I feel I can consistently provide a yoga service to my students that we can BOTH commit to and show up to.

Keep in mind your limits, your mental, physical and emotional health, and you will find that you can continue doing what you love for longer and be fully present while doing it. A tired, unenthusiastic yoga teacher won’t inspire anyone!! Take care of you, and the rest will take care of itself.

Top tips:

  • Be honest with yourself and your clients
  • If you’re tired and it’s not fun, admit it and tackle it head on
  • Be accountable – deal with the fallout like a pro and give refunds
  • Be realistic – find a realistic solution
  • Be generous – thank you gifts for existing clients who stay with you
  • Be positive – you just took a giant step forward – be proud!