My friends recently took the trip of a lifetime, completing a yoga TT in India, then travelling and exploring (including a visit to Varanasi and the Taj Mahal) – followed by Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and everywhere in between!

My Chakra Yoga book was lucky enough to go with them and be photographed in the most incredible places! Seeing my book there renews my own sense of adventure – it’s a big, beautiful world out there, take some time to explore it. I travelled a lot for work and every trip I have ever been on has changed my life in some way that familiar, daily routines and surroundings cannot. It is essential to tap into that wanderer inside. Get out, roam, be inspired, dream and see how the external experience changes you internally.

They are going back to finish off their adventure in Vietnam sometime soon. My book’s travels are below and now I have to experience all the places it has been! GOALS!!