About Chakra Yoga


The Energetic Body


The chakras are circles of energy, colour and light. The 7 main chakras run through the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head in a rainbow of colour. Each chakra links to a different area of the body such as the lower back, hips and shoulders. Yoga poses can release tension in these areas and improve physical health. Jo has developed the chakra yoga system to optimise each energy centre and achieve connection, release and healing.


Your 7 Step Overhaul!


By working on each energetic centre, your are working on your spine, organs, muscles and joints as well. This ensures all areas of the body are working in harmony to optimise the functioning of the whole body. Often areas are overlooked or neglected and these areas can cause problems for other parts of the body and also for the circulation system. Chakra Yoga will work into all areas, helping your body release tension, build muscle, increase flexibility and detox,

The practice of Chakra Yoga treats the body as a whole and makes sure the full body gets an overhaul for optimum health and healing!


The 7 Chakra Areas:

  1. Root Chakra – (MOOLADHARA) – hips / glutes/ pelvis
  2. Sacral Chakra – (SWADHISTHANA) – lower abdominals / lower back / lumbar spine
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – (MANIPURA) – upper abdominals / mid back / waist
  4. Heart Chakra – (ANAHATA) – chest / upper back / shoulder blades / lungs
  5. Throat Chakra – (VISHUDDHA) – neck / shoulders / arms
  6. Third Eye Chakra – (AJNA) – balance / focus / concentration
  7. Crown Chakra – (SAHASRARA) – inversions / flow / meditation / visualisation



With many changes rapidly occurring due to Coronavirus, I am providing free yoga resources for those who want to continue, or even begin, a regular home practice. The links below are all free of charge. Stay safe, stay healthy!



  • FREE CHAKRA YOGA PRACTICE SHEET – can be adapted for any timescale and for all levels – the poses included are all available to follow on the youtube channel – FREE PRACTICE SHEET


  • FREE CHAKRA YOGA E-BOOK – to accompany the video instruction and provide a visual journey through the Chakra colours and poses.  – FREE BOOK


  • FREE RELAXATION AUDIO – Shavasana relaxation light and heat visualisation  – FREE AUDIO


The Chakra Yoga Secret!


Yoga is much more than a physical practice. Yoga can also improve mental and emotional health and wellbeing and boost our energy. By focusing on energy, rather than simply the physical body, yoga enables us to access more of our natural inner resources to improve health, fitness and wellbeing. That’s the chakra yoga secret!

Jo has explored this further and developed the unique 7 Step Chakra Yoga Method which works with the body’s vital energy centres. The method helps to unlock hidden energy within the body and help you access your inner resources in an effective, straightforward process. 

The 7 Step Chakra Yoga Method also helps improve mental and emotional wellbeing. By releasing dormant chakra energy through yoga, you can unlock unconscious behavioural, emotional and mental patterns. This enables you to release physical, emotional and mental blocks that can manifest as illness.

Chakra yoga cleanses and heals the body, mind and spirit; enabling the body’s natural healing processes to function more efficiently and effectively. 

Chakra Yoga in History


Yoga has always been about the Chakras. From the time of the Vedas, when yoga was first written down, yoga was intended to be a spiritual system accelerating human evolution. The Vedic teachers recognized the human form as a system of interlocking bodies of different forms of energy, from material, physical energy, to the most subtle and abstract, the chakras.

Although the Vedas were written down in the last couple of thousand years, they existed orally for far longer. They represent the wisdom of a very ancient culture that plunged into the experience of the human body energy systems.

One of their most important discoveries was that this energy system manifests itself in 7 centres, vortexes, or “wheels”, called the chakras. These can be experienced directly through feeling, or even seen by those with higher abilities. Subtle energy flows in and out of the human body through these centres. This energy then stimulates or calms their physical centres and the major glands.

Many forms of Yoga, such as Kundalini or Kriya Yoga, work systematically through the Chakra system. These could therefore also be referred to as Chakra Yoga. The ultimate purpose of yoga practice is to raise kundalini energy along the spine, passing through each of the chakras. Almost every yoga practice is about preparing the body for this release in meditation, or establishing it as a permanent state afterwards.


Yoga in Modern Times


Our Chakra Yoga practices are for everyone from beginners to advanced students. The poses and sequences derive from the same sources as other traditional Hatha Yoga practices. Ultimately, therefore, Chakra Yoga is in the same, single, ancient tradition of yoga.

Our modern world forces many adjustments to ancient traditional practices. For example, usually we can’t take 12 years off work to practice yoga, or shut ourselves in a cave, or beg for our food! We have to compromise on things like diet, air pollution, noise and time. Nevertheless, it is still always possible to practice yoga and progress in our practice and our personal evolution. Great yoga teachers travelled the world over the last couple of centuries to tell us this, leading to the global explosion of yoga.

Much of modern yoga derives from the various schools originating with Krishnamacharya (e.g. Ashtanga yoga, and Iyengar yoga). If you follow yogis on Instagram, chances are that at least half of them are in this lineage.. Krishnamacharya adapted traditional yoga practices to be suitable for young boys undergoing military training, therefore the emphasis is highly physical.

While there is nothing wrong with these practices, they can make one feel inadequate! You might feel that you have to be a teenage gymnast, dancer or model in order to practice yoga. This is simply not true. Although we love social media, it has skewed public perception of yoga and led many people to feel excluded.


Why Chakra Yoga?


In Chakra Yoga we trace our systems back much further. Yoga is for everyone: all bodies, all minds, all types. It’s not about what you look like. We look to traditional texts for the purpose of the poses, or asanas, and their relation to the chakras; we do some poses that few people do; and we don’t do certain ones that everyone does!

The Chakra Yoga book provides an inspiring, accessible practice for everyone. At the same time it is an advanced practice linking to the spiritual and energetic nature of the chakras.In reality, we all follow the same ancient teachings and are progressing to the same goal via the many yoga practices that have been handed down to us from the first yogis..

Chakra Yoga is Yoga!