“Employers are now riddled with the need to offer creative and comprehensive wellness facilities in order to bring about a real difference in employee health and more importantly, motivation.” – Corporate Wellness Magazine

Workplace Wellbeing


Corporate Yoga & Wellness Coaching


Your workforce is your greatest asset. Work related stress comes at a great cost and yoga and mindfulness is being used in many top organisations to positively manage the wellbeing of their employees.

Yoga provides stress relief, toning, strengthening, flexibility and can help employees to develop greater motivation, clarity, creativity and energy. Your employees will feel better and enjoy improved mental, emotional and physical health.


Jojoba Yoga & Wellbeing


Jojoba Yoga and wellbeing sessions can create a healthier, happier workplace and unleash creative potential. Yoga poses, breath work, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, combined with practical affirmations, visualisation and meditation help to calm the mind, energise the body and release limiting blocks for greater health and healing.

Benefits of Jojoba Corporate Yoga & Wellbeing sessions include:

  • Gentle exercise for improved cardio health
  • Stretching and releasing stuck energy
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and mental calm
  • Relaxation for deep healing and improved energy levels
  • Meditation to improved concentration, clarity and focus
  • Self-awareness and reflection mindfulness techniques
  • Positive thinking


Available for individuals or groups.

Contact us to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Jo has a background working in high level events, business and sport. She worked on the successful London 2012 Olympic Bid, representing Yorkshire & Humber, and has coached athletes and businesses at a high level to achieve outstanding results. Clients include Swinton Park Hotel & Spa, Olympic Dressage team Mount St John Equestrian and Showjumping Champion, Jamie Gornall, Gornall Equestrian.

“…if you look at well-being at its simplest level it is ultimately about personal happiness – feeling good and working safely and healthily.” – huffpost

“… the ancient science of Yoga has found preference in the corporate world as a comprehensive wellness prerogative, replacing all other healthcare investments.” – Corporate Wellness Magazine

Why Yoga?


Limiting mindset & physical blocks create low physical and mental energy levels, increased stress and pressure in the workplace affects performance, mood and energy levels, resulting in increased absences, workplace stress and illness, reduced concentration and stagnant thinking. Jojoba Yoga sessions bring together yoga and mindfulness methods to discover and release mental & physical blocks, release stress, reduce anxiety and help people feel happier and healthier in work and beyond!

Sessions can assist in the following areas: 

  • Posture alignment
  • Performance / Presentation Skills
  • Movement Coaching
  • Yoga for Sport (assisting injury prevention and recovery)
  • Wellbeing Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Voice Projection
  • Stress Management
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation techniques
  • Breathwork / Pranayama
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Yoga Nidra / Deep Sleep


See how Yoga can positively improve your workplace and lift the energy of your organisation!

Available as weekly sessions or as part of a team training programme. Contact us today for a discussion and to book a trial session.

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Your Instructor

Joanna Cowper MA MGHT IYN

Jo has a background in business, yoga and sport, working on the successful London 2012 Olympic bid and Major Sporting and Cultural events including the Indian International Film Awards. She has worked with leaders in business and innovation alongside employees and business owners, assisting stress management and promoting healthy mindset.

Jo is passionate about the healing and restorative power of yoga. Having used yoga for her own recovery, she trained in Yoga Therapy and Recovery and Yoga for Sport. She is an experienced teacher and trainer and has run her own yoga business for the past 10 years, teaching classes, workshops and one to one clients. She has also worked directly with athletes, business owners and private clients to help recovery from injury, trauma & burnout, release limiting physical and mental blocks. She helps clients access new energy levels and achieve greater creativity and innovation, improving performance at all levels in work, sport and life!

“Innovative and market leading organizations are also moving from the narrow and reactionary approach of health to a preventative approach to wellbeing.” – huffpost

“From my experience the organizations, which employees want to work for, are the ones where the CEO takes wellbeing seriously and leads by example by participating in corporate citizenship, e.g. volunteering, practicing mindfulness, committing to exercise goals, etc.” – Georgie Drury, Springday (huffpost)