Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.

Jason Crandell

Yoga for Kids


These are fun, accessible classes for kids to come along to and try out yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation. Yoga can help calm the mind, stretch growing bodies and help kids to find ways of relaxing, which aids sleep and behavioural problems, assisting parents and teachers as well!

Based on the excellent YogaBugs method (used in the Waybuloo TV series), these classes are a fun way of introducing yoga to kids.of all ages and abilities

Also available as PRIVATE sessions for parents and kids together. Contact us for info.



Yoga for Teens

Yoga is also a great way of helping young adults to deal with the stresses and strains of growing up, physical & hormonal changes, school, exams and social pressures, and can counter-balance the effects of sitting for long periods of time. Yoga also introduces them to a gentle, non-competitive form of exercise, which can be practised throughout life and benefits all ages.

Yoga has been proven to help reduce anxiety, calm the mind and benefit the physical, emotional and behavioural challenges experienced by both children and parents.

See the TIMETABLE for current classes.


Family Yoga

Come and find out what Yoga is all about with family yoga classes designed for parents and kids to experience together. Classes include warm up stretches, relaxing breathing techniques, fun poses and strengthening postures. finishing with a short meditation and relaxation.

Yoga is great for helping reduce stress, build muscle and increase flexibility, aid concentration and still the mind, creating a bit of calm in the turmoil of family life!


Yoga is almost like music in a way;
there’s no end to it.