Yoga is the original mindfulness, which is so popular nowadays. I see new magazines promoting breathwork, visualisation, affirmation and chanting, all of which originate from the practice of yoga. One general issue I have with the modern mindfulness movement is the lack of a physical practice. The mind and body are interconnected and if the body is not relaxed, neither can the mind be. Just as one example: drinking a coffee before meditating; it doesn’t work! The body is over-stimulated and can’t be still, therefore the mind is also distracted. One must work alongside the other. In yoga, a physical practice precedes relaxation and meditation for this reason. Ancient yogis knew what they were doing!

Tips for quick energy release before a meditation session:

  1. Sun Salutation sequence x3
  2. Brisk walk outside
  3. 15 minute general yoga sesson
  4. 3 balance poses – tree, dancer, crow, held for 3 or more deep breaths
  5. Forward fold to sloping bridge sequence x5
  6. Sit up / lie down sequence x5

For these sequences and more, see my YouTube channel.