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Private Pregnancy Yoga Classes Harrogate


Private Pregnancy Yoga classes, based in Harrogate, Yorkshire UK. Yoga for a healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond. Offering classes to guide you through the stages of pregnancy, assist preparation for birth and postnatal classes to help recovery.

The effects of pregnancy can be physical, mental and emotional  and yoga can help the transition through all stages of pregnancy. The effects of pregnancy on the energetic body is examined, as well as suitable Yoga postures and adaptations, mindfulness meditation and pranayama breath work.

The emphasis is on safe, supportive and effective practice.

Classes can take place in person or online and are adapted to suit individual needs.

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What Are The Benefits Of Pregnancy Yoga?

Prenatal yoga is good for overall wellness. It is a form of exercise that also speaks to your pregnancy wellness.

There are many benefits to prenatal yoga including:

In addition to the benefits listed, studies have found there is a relationship between prenatal yoga and the reduction of hypertension-related complications, as well as, improvement of fetal outcome.

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What to expect in a pregnancy yoga class

In a prenatal yoga class, you’ll likely be encouraged to use accessories (bolsters, blocks, wedges or folded blankets) to achieve the proper alignment. You can typically expect:

  • An introduction. Your yoga teacher will want to know your name, how far along you are, any aches and pains you’re having, and what body parts or poses you’d like to work on. You’ll likely get a chance to mingle with other moms during this time: Most studios encourage their students to chat before and after class, and many ask moms to share a little bit about their pregnancy experiences — worries, hopes, dreams — with the group before class gets started.
  • A short period of relaxation. Like regular vinyasa classes, the session typically begins with a quick period of rest and focus inward (a practice you might find useful during labor).
  • A brief warmup. You’ll slowly get your body moving, so your muscles and joints are ready for class.
  • A standing vinyasa flow. This will incorporate pelvic floor and abdominal toning movements, then hip and chest opening poses, all the while emphasizing deep, diaphragmatic breathing (not the shallow “hee-hee-hoo-hoo” breathing associated with Lamaze). Generally, many of the poses you perform are similar to those performed in regular vinyasa class, they’ll just be modified for your safety. 
  • Gentle stretching. Your teacher will lead you through a few stretches to further lengthen and relax your muscles. This should feel good!
  • A modification of savasana. After all your hard work, your instructor will direct you chill out in “savasana,” where you’ll lie on your back with your eyes closed. The pose will be modified depending how far along you are: In your second trimester, you’d lay on your back with a bolster to prop your upper body up at a 45-degree angle, while in your third trimester, you’d lay on your side with a bolster and blanket for support. Expect to hold this position for six or seven minutes: It’s a peaceful pose intended to bring about total relaxation. And it’s well deserved!

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“Birth matters. It brings us into being, on many levels.” – Ananda Lowe

“You never understand life until it grows inside of you.” 
― Sandra Chami Kassis