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The Chakra Yoga books form a peaceful, complete exploration of the human Chakra system. The colours are designed to stimulate your senses and your energy centres. Additionally, the Chakra Yoga books provide a guide to a personal practice structured around the Chakra system, and form the essential core of the Jojoba Chakra Yoga classes.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are vortexes of energy located in particular areas of the body, and they control the circulation of vital energy. Each relates to a physical gland in the same area. Glands regulate and release hormones and chemicals; therefore, by learning to feel and stimulate the Chakras, we can regulate our body and our health.

By releasing dormant Chakra energy through Yoga, we can open unconscious behavioural, emotional and mental patterns. This enables us to release physical, emotional and mental blocks that can manifest as illness. It cleanses and heals the body, mind and spirit; enabling the body’s natural healing processes to function better.

What are the Chakra Yoga books about?

In our Chakra Yoga books, each pose relates to a specific Chakra. The purpose is to stimulate the flow of energy and to activate your energy centres. This then stimulates areas of the brain that correspond to each Chakra and awakens dormant mental or psychic thoughts and abilities.

The Chakra Yoga books introduce you to the tools by which you can prevent illness from manifesting within the body. Additionally, the Chakra Yoga books inspire you through colour and shape, thereby allowing you to tune into the different parts of your own bodily energy. It’s intended to be a quick, beautiful and easy-to-use guide to your own personal Yoga Practice.


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