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Chakra Yoga: Vishuddha is the fifth in our series of Chakra Yoga books, covering the whole sequence of chakras in order. They provide an inspiration and guide to a personal practice structured around the Chakra system, and form the essential core of the Jojoba Chakra Yoga classes.

Vishuddha┬áis the centre of self-expression and can be brought into balance through any creative activity, such as art, dance, and song. It is about ‘speaking your truth’, connecting with who you truly are and expressing inner feelings outwardly.

Yoga poses and breathwork release and strengthen the shoulders and neck muscles to open up the energy centre and ‘let it all out’.

The colour for vishuddha is light blue and the element is ether or sound. Crystals can be used to open up this chakra and include angelite, blue lace agate and aquamarine.

What are the Chakras?

The Chakras are vortices of pranic energy located in specific areas of the body, controlling the circulation of vital energy. Each one relates to a physical nexus (gland) located in the same area. Glands control hormones and chemicals in the body; therefore, by learning to feel and energise our Chakras, we can influence and regulate our body and our health.

By releasing dormant Chakra energy through Yoga practices, we open up previously unconscious behavioural, emotional and thinking patterns. This therefore helps the body to release physical, emotional and mental blocks that can often manifest as illness. It cleanses and heals body, mind and spirit, thus enabling the body’s natural healing processes to function more efficiently.

Why a Chakra Yoga eBook?

In our Chakra Yoga series, each book relates to a specific Chakra. The intention is to stimulate the flow of energy and activate your energy centres. This, in turn, stimulates areas of the brain that correspond to each Chakra, and awakens dormant mental or psychic functions.

Chakra Yoga introduces you to the tools by which a practitioner can prevent illness from manifesting within the body. The Chakra Yoga books are intended to inspire you through the use of colour and shape, so that you are more able to tune into the different parts of your own body’s energy. They are intended to be a quick, beautiful and easy to use guide to your own personal practice of Yoga.

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