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Specially blended face & body treatment – deeply nourishing, moisturising & therapeutic, for use on the delicate areas of the face, neck & chest.

A rejuvenating and uplifting blend of oils which can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and assist the healing of stretch marks and cellulite. Available as a cream or deeply nourishing oil treatment, this is an excellent facial moisturiser, which can be used during the day and at night, it is also effective as an after-shave moisturiser for men. Packed with nourishing oils and vitamin E, it helps condition the delicate skin around the chest, neck & face areas, which tend to be prone to over-exposure in the sun & can show the signs of ageing more than other areas of the body. It also helps soften and rejuvenate the skin on the hands, smooths rough and dry skin and helps strengthen the nails. A great all-rounder!

Consult a practitioner for use during pregnancy or if suffering from a medical condition. Not for use on children.


Rose otto – balancing & hydrating
Geranium – nourishing & soothing
Frankincense – calming & rejuvenating

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