Sport Yoga is fantastic for helping the body to deal with high impact, repetitive activity experienced in other sports.

The body will generally form habits in other sports, depending on physique, internal issues (any organ problems, IBS, etc) and old injuries or stress held in the muscles and joints. Through balancing out the body with movements in both directions (left and right) and standing and inverted postures, along with full, deliberate breathwork, yoga can release stuck movement patterns, free up energy via breath and stretching. It improves circulation and moves oxygen around the body to repair tired muscles.

Doing regular yoga, preferably before and after sport, helps injury prevention, aids recovery and enables us to do other sports and activities we love for longer!

Suggested sport yoga poses and exercises:

  • Triangle
  • Warrior I, II and III
  • Runners lunge / lizard
  • 1/2 splits
  • Forward fold
  • Mountain pose
  • Sun salutation sequence
  • Yogic breath (pranayama)