Your workforce is your greatest asset. Work related stress comes at a great cost and yoga and mindfulness is being used in many top organisations to positively manage the wellbeing of their employees. Yoga provides stress relief, toning, strengthening, flexibility and can help employees to develop greater motivation, clarity, creativity and energy. Your employees will feel better and enjoy improved mental, emotional and physical health.

Yoga and wellbeing sessions can create a healthier, happier workplace and unleash creative potential. Yoga poses, breath work, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, combined with practical affirmations, visualisation and meditation help to calm the mind, energise the body and release limiting blocks for greater health and healing.

Benefits of Yoga & Wellbeing sessions include:

  • Gentle exercise for improved cardio health
  • Stretching and releasing stuck energy
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and mental calm
  • Relaxation for deep healing and improved energy levels
  • Meditation to improved concentration, clarity and focus
  • Self-awareness and reflection mindfulness techniques
  • Positive thinking

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